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Cutting edge programs for ADP computer users
designed to create an environment of high productivity with smooth
streamlined processes
KSOR - Customer Special Order Request
S/O parts are held in Reserve instead of showing On Hand
Customized Reports
Email Options
Advanced, simple searches
Shipment information (answerbacks) onscreen
Multiple comment lines available
Closes lines properly
Stock order replenishes correctly
Prevent selling of S/O parts to wrong customer
More immediate/simpler notifications of customers, salespeople and service writers
Lookup customers quicker
More immediate/complete information for communication with customers
Less maintenance
RVST - Review Stock Order
All information from one screen
Split selected parts to another order
Flexible BUILD AN ORDER function
Export to Excel
Ability to correct previous month lost sales
Ability to change key part# fields
Save time and paper
More informed, intelligent review
Save time separating vendor orders, hold orders
More accurate stock order creation
Save time by staying in one function
CRCR - Create Credits
Finds invoices by part# and customer
Creates credits instantly from information in history
Works from Reflection, Web Suite, or even a green screen
CM, A, AA, B, etc. - any format you choose
Multiple credits for one customer on one credit
Comment lines can include PO#, original invoice#, etc.
Original invoice not required for credits
Save research and keypunch time
Credits are customized for YOUR needs
Guaranteed accuracy
No duplicate credits
PIKT - Pick Track
Tracking screen shows:
  • Pulled, Ordered, Bought Out
  • Pickers, Times
  • Invoice status (Open, Printed, AutoClosed, etc.)
  • Received special orders within seconds of receipt
Hot keys to:
  • KSOR
  • I Function
  • DPS
Instantly create POs or Special Orders
Tracks picker times, lines, invoices
Invoice Autoclose prints invoices if all in stock
Can be setup for
  • 2 looks
  • "Picked by" invoice comment
  • Change invoice bin
Notice on Pick tickets for:
  • Parts received today
  • multi-packs
No such thing as accidentally printing pick ticket twice

Tested and proven in several dealerships for over 9 years

Streamlines entire invoicing process
Inform customers with immediate status of orders
Performance-based picker pay
No need to wait for pilot program
DELM - Local delivery dispatching
DELB - Labeling for out-of-town deliveries
Tracks times from departure to delivery to return
Just enter the invoice - the program organizes it correctly
Re-order (sort) the deliveries before printing the manifest
Payment Terms on manifest
Research shipments
Bar code load reconciliation
Reports for routes, drivers, stops, etc.
Label can include company logo
Organize Deliveries and Drivers
Countermen can track deliveries
Save time handling deliveries/shipments
Prevent driver confusion and time wasting
Find out who packed a problem shipment
No pieces missing on truck
Review route productivity
Professional look
MOPO - Modify POs
Everything on one simplified screen
Verify the sale and pricing
View the sale invoice
Posts emergency receipt
ER transaction includes invoice# for PDA display
Shortcut key for POs meeting specified criteria
Save time processing POs
DPS - Display Parts Sales
Shows sales history INCLUDING CURRENT
Detail key to view invoices
Simpler and more complete than PDA
DATR - Display All Transactions
F-key to I Function on open invoices
Shows SORs
     F-key to SOR or KSOR
Shows POs
     F-key to CPO or MOPO
Quick-Key to show PNCHG transactions
Displays correct invoice or RO if multi-refer
Shows correct employee even if different than first employee on invoice
F2 puts you in Function I for open invoices instead of a display-only screen.
Display detail for B/S ROs without switching logons.
Shortcut to put a part in THIN
Simpler and more complete than PDA-T
BCRO - Batch Change Routes
Select by City, State, or Zip Code
Batch Change Salesmen, Ship-To, or Ship-via
Save time updating NAME-FILE
Keep deliveries organized
BI - Before Invoicing
Customer overview screen shows purchase and return history, price code, delivery stops
Hot key to I Function - Copies cust# and emp# into new invoice or quote
Salesmen quickly make informed decisions on pricing, delivery, fuel surcharge
Customer overview drives sales conversations
RIMM - RIM Management (GM)
Imports proposals to a review screen
  1. Shows sales history plus other key information
  2. Key in your approval decisions
  3. Print approval report to apply back to GM Dealerworld
Creates "HOLD" orders of what RIM would send tonight
  • Review the order using RVST
  • Break out vendor orders
  • Whatever you cancel comes via RIM
Creates CSO returns
  • Puts eligible parts in a screen review
  • Creates MSR return
Make informed proposal approval decisions
Save Time
Gain control of what RIM sends
Create vendor and truckload orders ahead of RIM
No need to maintain return list from SORs
CUTR - Customer Trends
Identifies sudden customer inactivity Contact and recover customers BEFORE you lose them.

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